Informational/Oversight Hearings

Joint Informational Hearing March 8, 2022

Review of the California High-Speed Rail Authority Draft 2022 Business Plan

Informational Hearing February 15, 2022

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Non-Road Vehicles

Joint Informational Hearing April 9, 2021

California’s Zero Emission Vehicle Programs and Strategies

Joint Oversight Hearing March 16, 2021

California Air Resources Board: Improved Program Measurement Would Help California Work More Strategically to Meet Its Climate Change Goals (Report Number 2020-114)

Joint Informational Hearing March 16, 2021

Review of the California High-Speed Rail Authority Revised Draft 2020 Business Plan

Joint Informational Hearing March 10, 2020

DMV Performance Update - Real ID

Joint Informational Hearing March 4, 2020

Putting the Brakes on California's Rising Transportation Emissions

Joint Informational Hearing February 25, 2020

More Mobility Options, More Data: Transportation and Privacy Issues in Shared Mobility Data Use

Informational Hearing February 11, 2020

Senate Bill 1 Update 

Informational Hearing February 26, 2019

Senate Bill 1 Update 

Informational Hearing March 12, 2019

Department of Motor Vehicles Update

Informational Hearing March 26, 2019

High Speed Rail Update 



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