Informational Hearings

3/24/15 Joint Oversight Hearing

Up Like a Rocket, Down Like a Feather: The State of California's Gasoline Market

3/17/15 Joint Oversight Hearing

The Road to 2020 and Beyond: The Role of the Transportation Sector in Meeting California's Climate Goals

  • Agenda
  • Background Report
  • Hearing Summary
  • Witness Presentation: Richard Corey, Executive Officer — Air Resources Board Handout 1, Handout 2, and Testimony
  • Witness Presentation: Janea A. Scott, Commissioner — California Energy Commission
  • Witness Presentation and Handout: Curt Augustine, Director of Policy and Government Affairs — Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
  • Witness Presentation: Tim Carmichael, President — California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Handout and Testimony
  • Witness Handout: Bill Magavern, Policy Director — Coalition for Clean Air
  • Witness Presentation: Simon Mui, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Director — California Vehicles and Fuels, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Safe Routes to School National Partnership Handout on 120 Organizations Supporting More ATP Funding
  • To view a video of the hearing, click here.

3/13/15 Informational Hearing

Meeting Transportation Needs of the Southern California Region: Lessons Learned from Other States

  • Agenda
  • Background Report
  • Witness Presentation: John Tavaglione, Supervisor — Riverside County, 2nd District
  • Witness Presentation: Kevin James, President — City of Los Angeles Public Works Commission
  • Witness Presentation: Martin Wachs, PhD., Distinguished Professor Emeritus — UCLA
  • Witness Presentation: Hasan Ikhrata, Executive Director — Southern California Association of Governments
  • MTC Handout on Local Street and Road Needs
  • County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Testimony
  • To view a video of the hearing, click here.

2/24/15 Joint Informational Hearing

Funding the Transportation Maintenance Backlog

  • Agenda
  • Background Report
  • Witness Presentation: Asha Weinstein Agrawal, Associate Professor — Urban and Regional Planning, San Jose State University; Director — Mineta Transportation Institute National Transportation Finance Center
  • Witness Handout: Steven Keck, Budget Director – California Department of Transportation
  • Witness Handout: Will Kempton, Executive Director – California Transportation Commission
  • To view a video of the hearing, click here.

2/18/15 Joint Informational Hearing

An Overview of the Housing Market and the State's Housing Resources and Programs

  • Agenda
  • Witness Biographies
  • Witness Presentation: Claudia Cappio, Director — Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Witness Presentation: Tia Boatman Patterson, Executive Director — California Housing Finance Agency
  • Witness Presentation: Mark Stivers, Executive Director — California Tax Credit Allocation Committee
  • Witness Presentation: Jerée Glasser-Hendrick, Executive Director — California Debt Limit Allocation Committee
  • To view a video of the hearing, click here.

8/5/14 Informational Hearing

Bay Bridge Lessons Learned:  Receipt of Final Reports


5/13/14 Informational Hearing

SB 375:  From Vision to Implementation

  • Agenda
  • Background Report
  • Witness Testimony:  Dr. Gian-Claudia Sciara, Postdoctoral Scholar — UC Davis Testimony
  • Witness Presentation:  Carl Morehouse, President — Southern CA Assoc of Governments Handout and Testimony
  • Witness Testimony:  Dr. Stephanie Pincetl, Professor — UCLA Testimony
  • Witness Testimony:  Amanda Eaken, Deputy Director — Natural Resources Defense Council Testimony
  • Witness Testimony:  Richard Lyon, Senior Vice President — California Building Industry Association Testimony
  • The Summary Report from the Informational Hearing  Publication 1570-S
  • To view a video recording, go to


3/27/14 Informational Hearing

Toward a World-Class Passenger Rail System in California:  Evaluating High-Speed Rail's Potential for Success


2/11/14 Informational Hearing

Reforming Caltrans


1/24/14 Informational Hearing

Lessons Learned from the Development and Construction of the Bay Bridge

Committee Address